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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play with my friends if I don't have a full team?

  • Absolutely!  Register as an Individual and enter your friends contact information when filling out the registration form. 

Then after you've signed up you'll see a link that you can share with friends.  Anyone who signs up using that link will automatically be grouped onto your team even if you didn't list them.


How do I know which level to sign up for?

It all depends no what you're looking for!  Here is a brief overview of what to expect in each division:

Competitive - Experienced players who know how to play the game at a high level.  Teams play strategically and play to win.

Intermediate - A great mix between competitive and casual.  Players are athletic and want to win, but don't take it too seriously.

Casual - A step up from Extremely Casual... the Casual division is fun but players do care about the results on the field a bit more.

Extremely Casual - Fun is the name of the game!  Win or lose we're still going to have a great time.  Perfect for beginners or people who view the game as an excuse to go to happy hour!


Can I play on two teams?

Sure.  We'll even do our best to make sure your games don't overlap!  Want to play on 2 volleyball teams?  OK!  Want to play on a cornhole team and a kickball team? No problem!  If we can't make the schedule work, we'll let you know and offer a full refund.


The website says that games are played on multiple nights, how does that work?

For many of our leagues we play on multiple nights of the week over the course of the season.  Teams will generally have one game per week.  We try to give teams a mix of games on each night over the course of the season to keep it balanced for everyone.  If you know that you can only play on one of the listed nights you can request to have the majority of your games scheduled for that night.  We will do our best to accomodate whenever possible.


Are ref/ump fees included in the registration cost?

Yes. Once you sign up there are no additional fees.  


Is there a way to play for free?  

Yes. Anyone who referees or volunteers with Hive Athletic gets to play for free!

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